Henschke Docht GmbH. Because quality speaks for itself.

Our quality wicks achieve particularly beautiful lighting effects.

Quality is way at the top of our agenda. We introduced a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 many years ago for this reason. All business and production processes are implemented meticulously according to these guidelines and ensure
customer satisfaction. But most important of all are our experienced employees who, with their sense of responsibility, contribute significantly to this impressive quality outcome. We would be happy to convince you of the quality of our wide range of wicks as well.
The two Managing Directors, Mr. Gerhard Piechorowski and Mr. Martin Henschel, are both former employees of Henschke Docht GmbH and are leading the company into the future with passion and a spirit of innovation.

Our mission.

As a manufacturer of quality wicks, we consider ourselves a provider of solutions for our customers. We work together every day as a team to satisfy our customers. We run a lean operation in order to fulfill our customers’ requests quickly and with flexibility. Our many years of experience help us do so, but in particular, it is our willingness to look forward that allows us to offer you innovative solutions.

Fast, flexible, and innovative. Your strategic partner for quality wicks.

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Henschke Docht GmbH

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E-Mail: info@henschke.de