We consider ourselves a strategic partner for candle manufacturers.

We have developed an outstanding market position in the market segment for quality wicks.
Due to our customer-oriented focus, we offer candle producers a high and consistent level of
quality that you can rely on. We only use quality yarns that we process with advanced braiding machinery to produce high quality wicks. A high degree of tear strength and uniformity is guaranteed.
The finishing process is critical to the production of high quality wicks. Here we focus on the
1. Braid preparation
2. Yarn preparation
The two processes are used depending on customer requirements. The state-of-the-art machinery we use for plying, braiding and winding ensures high productivity and wick products of the highest quality. Furthermore, we use only medium to long staple cotton fibers in order to meet our high quality standards here as well.
We always have the right solution to fulfill your requests and requirements!


Reliable quality supplied by the professionals at Henschke Docht GmbH.


Wick finishing is a complex procedure that can follow one of thwo routes, as circumstances demand.


1. Braid preparation

involves the impregnation of untreated wicking in a series of closely dove-tailed steps that ensure undeviating quality.

      • The raw wicking is pre-treated in chemical-filled containers, i.e. high pressure evenly distributes chemical salts throughout the wicking.
      • Following the pressure-assisted impregnation, the wicking is centrifuged. As a result, most of the liquid is expelled.
      • Finally, the hot air in drying chambers ensures the evaporation of all remaining moisture from the skeins of wicking   

2. Yarn preparation

Alternatively, we offer our own recently developed, innovative solution. We call it “Yarn preparation” because it entails the treatment of the thread with chemical salts before braiding. This system ensures that the salts are uniformly distributed throughout the cotton, the upshot being an “intensively” treated finished product.


After the impregnation and drying process, the wicks are spooled. We can offer you all different spool sizes wich are normally used within the candle industry. The spooling is done very even and without tension in order not to influence the wick bending during burning.


By constantly monitoring and verifying these mechanical processes, we guarantee the highest standards in product quality.


Large cone spool for drawing and pressing machines Spool height: 280 mm Inside: Ø 29 / 62 mm Full spool: 7-8 kg Spule
Large tube spool for drawing and pressing machines Spool height: 290 mm Inside: Ø 56 mm Full spool: 7-8 kg Spule

Cross-wound spool for moulding machines Spool height: 160 mm Inside: Ø 11,5 mm Full spool: Ø 40-55 mm
Cross-wound spool for moulding machines and other plants Spool height: 210 mm Inside: Ø 16,5 mm Full spool: Ø 40-200 mm

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